Certificate of PCR Testing

Certificate of PCR Testing

Important Precautions
〈In the case of PCR testing for visiting abroad and shortening quarantine〉
This test is only for asymptomatic patients. Only asymptomatic patients are eligible for the test. We do not perform the test for those who have symptoms such as fever or sore throat, or those who are suspected of being in close contact.

We use saliva-based PCR test (PCR test is a simple, safe, and accurate method that requires you to hold a cotton ball in your mouth for 30 seconds).

We DO NOT do Quantitative Antigen Test.
Also, we DO NOT tests by mail.

Kumada Clinic is a government-designated,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs TeCOT medical institution.

If you wish to take the PCR test for travel purposes and shortening quarantine,
Please bring your passport with you on the day.

We will ask you for your e-mail address on the day of the test.

Please make an appointment after confirming your travel date and destination.
For more information about the negative certificate, please refer to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or your country.

Regular PCR next day judgment on Saturday will be issued on Monday of the following week.

For "same day determination" : You can get the certificate around 6:00PM with the appointment by 11:20AM.
*If you missed your appointment and came after 11:20AM, you CANNOT get the certificate on the day.

1. PCR test + certificate
(next day determination) ¥20,000 + tax = ¥22,000
(same day determination) ¥30,000 + tax = ¥33,000

2. PCR test + notification only
(next day determination) ¥15,000 + tax = ¥16,500
(same day determination) ¥25,000 + tax = ¥27,500